They were rebels and revolutionaries that broke the stereotypes and the rules.
They became the heralds for a powerful new female energy coming alive on the planet. 
These women forever changed the world through their music and presence.

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"Gina you are simply amazing! Your Divas, Wild Women & Rockers musical was an inspiration for all and
a delight to watch you perform. Thank you for spreading your magic and joy with Break Away Arts!"
 Mecca Page Owner - BreakAway Arts.

"Gina's talent is hot and the music is inspiring. What a great night, what amazing energy Gina transports us to the highest level.
Following the show, people kept commenting that her show belonged on Broadway and certainly in every respect, that is correct. CG

Divas, Wild Women & Rockers concludes with this song by Gina that she wrote for the womens group
Venerable Women. It is about where we are going as women today!

This show is fabulous for any kind of girls night out events and events that empower women in general.  It also makes a
superb fundraiser for your favorite women's charity.