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 Please fill out the form below and let me know which show you would like to book and how many guests you will have and what the event is for. 
I will then set up a time for us to speak and meet each other on Skype. I will fill you in on more details of the show you
are interested in and any added value options that come with it.  I will also invite you to add any ideas you have to the conversation.
Once I gather all your information I will send you a quote via email.

This form is for The Magick is Alive and Divas, Wild Women and Rockers, as well as  for Gina as a Featured Singer/Performer and all Performance Art Keynotes.
To book A Cabaret of Consciousness please go to.

The full length shows are available as stand alone performances and as Theater Salons.
The Theater Salons are for groups 100 or less and the event is designed differently than for larger groups.
The stand alone shows can be for up to 500 people.

 Pricing will very pending on distance traveled, as well as sound and light techs that need to be brought in.
(I can provide sound for up to two hundred  people.)

 A complete technical and travel list is available upon request.


If you are inquiring about music licensing please specify that licencing is your interest. 

You may also ask general questions with this form.

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