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A Cabaret of Consciousness is built on the following concepts:

 The  importance of getting reconnected to "The Natural Order of Things."
   ( Natural Laws of The Universe)

Personal empowerment, the power of choice and responsible action.

The essential roles of self-sovereignty and sustainability.

The significance of conscious conversation.

A greater awareness of the use of words and their effect.  

    Ways to grow peace in our daily lives, and conflict resolution. 

The importance of acts of kindness, compassion, empathy and respect for each other, the earth, and all of life.

 Mental Ecology, and environmental awareness.

 Personal, and planetary well being.

 Creativity, imagination, and trust. 

 A shift of perspective to solve the challenges we face. 

  Moving out of fear into the power of love, and the practice of gratitude.

Becoming a United Visionary Force.

The knowing that anything is possible!

These are elaborated on in Practicing The Art of Possibility.