All performances are available as stand alone ninety minute performances. 
There are other choices for bookings below that have additional features and are for specific events. 

If you are looking to attend a show please go to the Events Calendar

How to Book a Performance

Gina's performances are experiential and include music, dialogue, stories and humor. They are elevating, exciting, engaging, and informative. They ignite our imagination and creativity, and inspire us to claim our true power, potential, and sovereignty.


  1. Single Performance
    90 minutes optional intermission
    A Cabaret of Consciousness, The Magick, Divas Wild Women and Rockers.
  2. Performance by Design
    This is a new offering. These are for small groups of 30 or less. 
    More details at Performances by Design.
    A Cabaret of Consciousness, The Magick, Divas Wild Women and Rockers.
  3. A Performance with a One Day Retreat.
    A Cabaret of Consciousness
    with the Practices of Transformation Introductory Program.
    The Magick with The Art of Transformational Alchemy.
    ( Both are available fall of 2018.)
  4. Family Package
    Green it Up for children - ages 6 to 11
    A Cabaret of Consciousness - ages 9 and up.
    Family Package Information
  5. Fundraisers
    A Cabaret of Consciousness is the only show available at this time for fundraising.  If you a looking for an exceptional, and entertaining Fundraiser,  A Cabaret of Consciousness is a fantastic choice!  The beauty, and benefit of having "A Cabaret of Consciousness as a fundraiser is that not only are you raising money, you are offering your audience a one of a kind experience that holds outstanding benefits, and superb value.
    Download a Detailed PDF for more Information on Fundraising.
  6. Keynote Singer/Peformer
    Any length of time and can be customized for your event.
    Keynote Singer/Performer
  7. Visionary Insights
    Visionary Insights is about becoming our futures selves.
    It brings in information to assist us in evolving and adapting with the changes we are experiencing in our world.  
    Visionary Insights Gathering  

Links to Performances

A Cabaret of Consciousness - Gina's Premier Performance
A brilliant powerhouse of a performance that is made for our times.
(Family Friendly ages 10 and up.

The Magick - A Spectacular Array of Universal Truth
 For serious travelers on the elevated path of enlightenment.

 Divas, Wild Women & Rockers. - They Rocked The World
Wonderful show for women's organizations.
Empowering, Energizing and Encouraging. 

Green it Up! Mama Earth Has Something Special for Children

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 Value and Benefits of Gina's Performances.

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