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A Cabaret of Consciousness takes participants beyond entertainment into the extraordinary.
It blends self–realization with performance and healing arts. It is grounded in the purpose of inspiring us to become what we
have always been meant to be... A Powerful, Awakened, Loving Race called Humanity, and a World of Unity. 

A Cabaret of Consciousness is an exceptional performance in that transports us to an expanded consciousness.
It entertains, and inspires and has been intentionally, and lovingly crafted to access the innate healer within,
and to awaken us to a greater part of ourselves. 

A Cabaret of Consciousness is much more then entertainment. 
It is a road map on how to travel an elevated highway of consciousness to a new way of living and being where… Anything is Possible!

For your convenience you may click on the heading in each category to download informational material that is specific to each category. 
This is for you to share with boards, committees, and others that would need the basic information.   

Wellness and Healing Resorts, Retreats, Motivational, and Consciousness Raising Conferences
Offer a performance to your guests as enriching entertainment to compliment healing programs, or have as a special event.

Spiritual Communities
Offer a performance to members as a powerful yet entertaining self-realization, and transformation tool.
A wonderful event for families,  ages 9 and up. 

Organizations, Businesses, and Corporations
Offer a performance for staff, and families, for team, and leadership retreats or community outreach programs.

If you a looking for an exceptional, and entertaining Fundraiser,  A Cabaret of Consciousness is a fantastic choice! 
The beauty, and benefit of having "A Cabaret of Consciousness as a fundraiser is that not only are you raising money, 
you are offering your audience a one of a kind experience that holds outstanding benefits, and superb value.

More about the  Value and BenefitsConcepts, and Informational Sources A Cabaret of Consciousness is built on.

To book a show please fill out the form below.  Include a brief description of what you would like to offer, what it will be for, 
your name, contact information, name of your business, organization or event.

I will then set up a time for us to speak, and meet each other on Skype. I would like you to tell me what you have in mind, and how I may serve you in creating a wonderful experience for all. 


You may book  A Cabaret of Consciousness in three ways.

1. As the show individually which includes a 90 min performance with or without an intermission.

2. As a Theater Salon which is..
 A magical event for the exchange of ideas, conversation, and enlightenment.
It is for groups of 15 to 30 and includes added value items, and is a full afternoon or evening event experience. 
You may go to A Cabaret of Consciousness Theater Salon for details. 

3. As the individual show with added value items. The price of each item is added on to the event price pending on what you want to include. 
Here is a download of all Added Value Items for A Cabaret of Consciousnesses.
These are add on items you can choose individually. If you are booking a Theater Salon they are included. 

Here is a download of my Technical, and Travel Requirements

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