Produced by Alchemy VII Enterprises

  Performance art that elevates human consciousness and supports significant personal and planetary transformation, and wellbeing. 

Gina's performances are experiential and include
music, dialogue, stories and humor. They are designed to offer a new lens in which to see the world. 

This brand of entertainment inspires us to reach for our greatest good, and highest expression. It is for self realization and  life enrichment,

  All offerings are elevating, exciting, engaging, and informative.
They ignite our imagination and creativity, and inspire us to claim our true power, potential, and sovereignty.

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A Cabaret of Consciousness - Gina's Premier Performance
A brilliant powerhouse of a performance that is made for our times.
(Family Friendly ages 10 and up.

The Magick - A Spectacular Array of Universal Truth
 For serious travelers on the elevated path of enlightenment
and those who want to unlock The Magick in us all. 

 Divas, Wild Women & Rockers. - They Rocked The World
Wonderful show for women's organizations.
Empowering, Energizing and Encouraging. 

All  above performances are available as ninety minute shows
with optional intermission.


Keynote Singer/Performer
Any length of time and can be customized for your event.

Green it Up!
Mama Earth shares her secrets of how to Green Up our world.
She entertains the children with songs like The Green Blues, and her latest rap song Green it UP! Forty minutes.
Children 6 to 10

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Visionary Insights Gathering
Visionary Insights explores living and being
in fifth dimensional energy. Includes Gallery Reading, Meditation, Music, Personal  One Question Reading and more.

Please fill out the form to the right.  Include a brief description of which show you would like to offer, what it will be for, your name, contact information, name of your business, organization or event.

I will then set up a time for us to speak, and meet each other on Skype or in person if I am in your area. I would like you to tell me what you have in mind, and how I may serve you in creating a
wonderful experience for all. 

You may also ask general questions with this form.
To book a Reading please go to Readings for Transformation
Here is a download of my Technical, and Travel Requirements

More about the Value and BenefitsConcepts, and Informational Sources the shows are built on

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Wellness and Healing Resorts, Retreats, Motivational, and Consciousness Raising Conferences

Women's Groups, Home Events, and Communities.

Organizations, Businesses, and Corporations

Entertainment Venues

Life enriching entertainment.
Inspiring common ground concepts to bring our world together.
Compliments healing programs.
Self-realization and transformation tools for special events and retreats.
Staff appreciation, families(Cabaret of Consciousness), team, and leadership retreats or community outreach programs.
General special events.


If you a looking for an exceptional and entertaining fundraiser,
choose from four dynamic shows.
The beauty and benefit of having one of Gina's performances as a fundraiser is that not only are you raising money, you are offering your audience a one of a kind experience that holds outstanding benefits, and superb value.

A Cabaret of Consciousness is an exceptional choice as it is for our times and family friendly for ages 10 and up. Green it Up for Children is wonderful for school fundraisers and can be an add on to A Cabaret of Consciousness or done by itself for ages 6-10.
Divas, Wild Women and Rockers is perfect for any women's cause and The Magick is for the seeker of Universal Truths and pure magickal entertainment. 

PDF's include all information needed to specifically book the show named for a Fundraiser.) 

A Cabaret of Consciousness Informational PDF

Divas, Wild Women, & Rockers Informational PDF

The Magick Informational PDF

Green it UP! will have a PDF soon!
In the meantime contact me through the form below and I will fill you  in on the details.

Theater Salons

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