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 Avatars of The New Earth Full Vision. 

The Magick is Alive is the first show of a trilogy that is called Avatars of The New Earth.
A Cabaret of Consciousness though not a part of the trilogy it is the prelude of things to come.
The trilogy itsefl opens the doors and gateways to the amazing new world that exists beyond our wildest dreams in the field of possibilities. 

The word “avatar” originates in Hinduism. Hinduism refers to a god descending to the earth in mortal form to restore order at times when humanity has descended into chaos. Now we are the Avatars, Alchemists, Hero’s and Legends reinventing, recreating and renewing ourselves and regenerating our own order within.
This is the way we restore the chaos in our world, design a new way of being and lead ourselves out of our darkest hour into the light of a Golden Age.

Again, A Cabaret of Consciousness foretells what is to come and the guiding principles we need to begin. Then The Magick is Alive steps in and the trilogy takes over and brings us into an amazing world of Magick, immortality, universal truth and much more.

Avatars of The New Earth will be available in two ways:

1. Through Threes Performances

·        The Magick is Alive One-Woman Rock Musical which is available now. 

·        Songstess also a One-Woman Rock Musical (The story line of this show will be revealed at the beginning of 2018.)

·        And a full-fledged Rock Opera.

2. Through Tales of The Avatars of The New Earth, a series of narrated stories that go deeper into the concepts in each show.
 The first two stories will be available soon. 

Along with the shows and the stories Avatars of The New Earth is offering and innovate experience for self - realization self - discovery and self - mastery. 

Avatars of The New Earth Performance Arts Course