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The Mission of Alchemy VII Enterprises is offer performance art that elevates human consciousness
and supports significant personal and planetary transformation and well being. 


Gina's performances are experiential and include
music, dialogue, stories and humor. They are designed to offer a new lens in which to see the world. 

This brand of entertainment inspires us to reach for our greatest good, and highest expression. It is for self realization and  life enrichment,

  All offerings are elevating, exciting, engaging, and informative.
They ignite our imagination and creativity, and inspire us to claim our true power, potential, and sovereignty

See the article in The Washington Post, 9-18-17 about a new study THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON ART
 More benefits at Benefits & Value


The Vision is for Alchemy VII Enterprises to use performance art, to express a brilliant
new vision for our personal lives, the earth, and future generations through performance art/entertainment.

(Gina's Readings are also handled by Alchemy VII Enterprises and are a different format than other offerings.)

The Intention of Alchemy VII Enterprises is to:

  • Arouse curiosity. 

  • Offer hope. 

  • Inspire Action.

  • Ignite the imagination.

  • Generate heart, mind coherence 

  • Engender visionaries that are change makers, inspire by love and that take action from an elevated consciousness, and creative mind.  

  • Support limitless potential, infinite possibilities, and human sovereignty. 

  • Assist in the creation of a more compassionate, wise, loving, peaceful, and United Race called "Humanity!"

We are Built on a Multiple Bottom Line

Profit for people. 
All needs met for ALL Beings!
Love of Planet Earth.
Create conditions for peace.
An agent for transformation.
(From Micheal Beckwiths opening speech at the Success 3.0 Summit.)

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