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Choose from Gina's Extraordinary Performances

I had the opportunity to see Gina’s one-woman Cabaret of Consciousness. She's got style, verve, humor, a great voice and powerfully conscious messages."
Miriam Knight - New Consciousness Review

Outstanding value for individuals, organizations, businesses, groups, venues or events that are sincerely looking
to create, and support significant personal, and planetary transformation.

Excellent for healing, and wellness resorts, retreats, and other facilities that are interested in incorporating
entertainment that supports healing, is life enhancing, and transformative. 

All full length performances run and hour and a half and are available to book in two ways.
1. The show of your choice as entertainment for your event.
2. As a Theater Salon, which comes with added value items. 

If you want something shorter for a specific spot in your event or for a meeting.
 Performance Arts Keynotes are available. They run anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes in length, and can be created for your event.

The Performances

In Gina's premier performance you will meet Mama Earth in A Cabaret of Consciousnesses, her very own one-woman brilliant
powerhouse of a performance. A remarkable message of hope, and a dynamic call for humanity to awaken to its true power!  
( This is an hour, and a half performance)

The Magick is Alive!
A spectacular array of Universal Truth.
( This is an hour, and a half performance)

Divas, Wild Women and Rockers.
They Rocked The World!! 
( This is an hour, and a half performance)

Gina as a Featured Singer
Songs for services, ceremonies, and special events.

Gina as a Performance Art Keynote Presenter
Customized vignette style performances for your event.

For booking inquires...  Contact Gina

Introducing Gina's Avatars of The New Earth Performing Arts Course.

See our Theater Salons of "The Extraordinary Kind!" 
Includes all Performances

Produced by Alchemy VII Enterprises       

"Gina is an electrifying performer who knows how to engage her audience with her powerful voice. Not only does she put on an exciting show.
The positive messages she incorporates into the lyrics of her  songs will last for generations to come."

Michele Kaye - Film & TV Composer & Recording Artist