Theater Salons 

A Cabaret of Consciousness Theater Salon is...

A magical event for the exchange of ideas, conversation, transformation, and elevating consciousness.

The most elevating, inspiring and motivational experience ever!

A Cabaret of Consciousness Theater Salon includes:

A performance of A Cabaret of Consciousness.
This performance incorporates, and encourages the exchange of expanded perceptions, and ideas.

This groundbreaking one-woman show stars Mama Earth, who is a force to be reckoned with!
She is part Motivational Speaker, Wise Woman, Broadway Diva and Rock Star. 

A brilliant powerhouse of a performance that is made for our times.
It delivers a dynamic message of humanity’s magnificent potential to an awakening people.   
A Breath of Fresh Air and Civility for a World in Change.

And... it's a WHOLE LOT of FUN!

An interactive conversation with Gina following the show on Practicing The Art of Possibility .

A PDF of The  Guiding Practices of Consciousness.

A Cabaret of Consciousness Soundtrack Download

 15% discount on a Transformational Reading with Gina.

There will be also be time for sharing food and connection with others. ( Food will be included when appropriate.)

Theater Salons are for groups of 15 to 30 people.
( In some cases this can be extended to up to 50.)

Theater Salons can be designed specifallcy for your venue or event.
Go to  Host a Show and request a zoom conference with me and you can tell me what you vision is.  

If you want to host a Theater Salon in your home or for your group I  have provided an informational download
on How to Host a Theater Salon that covers the details. 
Once you have gone over the information on Hosting a Theater Salon please fill out the form atHost a Show.

More information at ... 

Theater Salons are produced by Alchemy VII Enterprises.