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The Mission 

The Mission of “A Cabaret of Consciousness” is to awaken, enlighten, and inspire humanity to embrace
its true power, and to use that power for personal and planetary transformation.

This is a mission of love, hope, and a heart felt call for humanity to become its own heroes, legends, and geniuses. 
It is a call to become change makers that are inspired by love, and take action from an elevated consciousness, and creative mind.

A Cabaret of Consciousness is performance art, and entertainment woven together with ancient wisdom,
quantum physics, self-realization, healing arts, and a whole lot of fun.

The message of A Cabaret of Consciousness is we DO have the Power, and we CAN change the world around us. 
The Key is in our Consciousness!


The Vision

A Cabaret of Consciousness embodies significant content about human potential, and our ability to transform ourselves, and thus the world.
This truly amazing show, and I say that in awe, and gratitude as A Cabaret of Consciousness has been guided by a greater intelligence, 
it has been my life work, and I honestly have had to walk my talk every step of the way, and at times it has been daunting. 
Even so it has been an honor, and privilege and has brought me great joy both creating and performing it.   

I feel now is the time to take A Cabaret of Consciousness as far as it can go. I am inviting those with a shared vision for our personal and planetary transformation to join me in bringing hope, and solutions to the challenges we face in our world to as many as possible.

I wrote A Cabaret of Consciousness to be the messenger and when the time was right which is now, to bring in those that offer solutions for our water, food, environmental, health, education, justice, social, and other systems to join me in the vision of A Cabaret of Consciousness.  

Bringing in partners for A Cabaret of Consciousnesses is the next step in its evolution. 

A Cabaret of Consciousnesses will be partnering with businesses, individuals, community’s, and organizations to create a
visionary force of educators and inspirers.

All partners, will offer services, products or information that serve humanity and the planet with integrity,
honor, and respect for all of life, with no harm done.

There will be resource tables at the shows and links on the website, in the programs and other various places for the audiences of A Cabaret of Consciousness to go to find the services, products and education needed to take action on what the show calls us to do.

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