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Exciting and Life Enhancing!

This awe-inspiring one woman show stars Mama Earth, who is a force to be reckoned with!
She is part Motivational Speaker, Wise Woman, Broadway Diva and Rock Star. 

A brilliant powerhouse of a performance that is made for our times. 
It offers a universal viewpoint on our potential for healing humanity and the earth.
 Truly a remarkable message of hope and a dynamic call for humanity to awaken to its true power! 

 A Breath of Fresh Air and Civility for a World in Change!

And... it's a WHOLE LOT of FUN!

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The Mission and Vision of A Cabaret of Consciousness

"With effervescence, passion and an astounding set of pipes, Gina Citoli delivers a message of hope to her audience in A Cabaret of Consciousness. Packed with invaluable information, the Cabaret explores the way to better living, higher thinking and a greener path, and all with

a sensational soundtrack! Gina throws her heart and soul into this show, and the audience can't help but be inspired."
Kelli Tatum, Executive Director, The WideSpot Performing Arts Center

Gina performing It All Comes Down to Love as part of an outside concert.


"This amazing show transports us to our highest consciousness where we can literally
hear the voice of the Earth speaking to us. A Cabaret of Consciousness is an inspirational celebration of life!
Carolyn Germaine - Irish Byways Tours  

"Gina’s personal integrity and professionalism is of the highest quality. She has the ability to express
powerful and effective messages, which foster healthy living and wellness. She is able to touch people
on a personal level as well building a stronger, healthier community at large.

David Mueller, Vice President, Caring Hands Inc.

I have hardly found and artist who can convey so much light energy on the spot!"
Franz Nahrada - Our Global Village - Vienna Austria

"Simply Genius!" Christine Cole - Unity of Sedona

""Look out Broadway here she comes."  - Bridging The Water Gap  International Conference

"This show is a representative of a greater reality."  -  Rebekka Swan, Actress & Producer, Ashland Oregon

"A powerful and potent message of Divine Potential for the healing of the planet. The show delivers the goods for the awakening world." 
 Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living - Fort Collins Colorado

"Riveting, exciting and spellbinding! "  - United Earth Alliance

"A brilliant expression of Spirit.  Transcendent, touching, inspiring!"  - Dawn Morningstar -Founder of Venerable Women

"One of the most Awe- Inspiring shows ever!" - Tina Johnson,  Mind, Body, Spirit FM107

"Top notch amazing!" - Oasis Center for Concussions Living

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This performance is brimming with superb Value and Benefits.

Find our more about A Cabaret of Consciousness as Helen McConnell interviews Gina on Make a Difference in The World on EFT Radio.

Concepts A Cabaret of Consciousness is built on. 
  Informational Sources
The  Guiding Practices of Consciousness
Green it UP! -  Mama Earth has a special show for the children.

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