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"Gina’s personal integrity, and professionalism is of the highest quality.  She has the ability to express powerful, and effective messages, which foster healthy living and wellness. She is able to touch people on a personal level as well building a stronger, healthier community at large." David Mueller, Vice President Caring Hands Inc. 

"The real sensation of the evening was visionary songstress, and scribe Gina Citoli, she sang four songs each
one seemed more energizing than the other.  I hardly found an artist  who could convey that much light energy on the spot."  Franz Nahrada. Our Global Village, Vienna, Austria.

"I understand now why concert does not fit. Gina's performances are magical, transformational journeys."
 Teri Flynn Gall, Co-Director MPF
A Cabaret of Consciousness
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Gina Citoli, as Mama Earth, in her Premier Performance A Cabaret of Consciousness.
A Cabaret of Consciousness
Host a Show

"So if you look around you, and it seems things are falling down, take another look. 
 It's just the old ways making a desperate last stand. It’s making way for a new world to be born. 

The story is being written choice by choice. What are you going to choose?"
Mama Earth - From A Cabaret of Consciousness.

"Gina is a brillantly talented ,performer, singer, songwriter. Gina performed" Cabaret of Conscious" at Free Spirit Ranch summer of 2009. We all laughed, and received a wealth of information that created positive possibility in all our lives. Gina received a standing ovation which she truly earned. I highly recommend Gina , she's a very talented lady."  Lisa Kuchinski Be it Coaching / Free Spirit Ranch

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